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Terms & Conditions

The $150.00 Reservation fee can be paid by Credit Card, however the Rental and the Security deposit must be paid in Cash, Cashier Check or Certified funds at time of Rental Pick up.

100 miles per day are included with the price, after that a .45 cents per mile charge will be added. All rental charges must be paid in advance or on the day you come to pick-up the coach. The person named on the rental agreement must be the renter. No one under the age of 21 will be permitted to drive the coaches. Each additional drivers must pay a fee of $12.00 per day. Generators may also be rented at a rate of $3.00 per hour.

We offer full coverage insurance for $55.00 a day. You could also get an insurance binder from your insurance company. For more information on insurance binders, click here.

Travel to Mexico, Canada. Alaska, is prohibited.

We will allow our RV’s to go to Burning Man for a surcharge of $1,195.00. This charge is for a full cleaning of the Generator, the Air Conditioner, The Transmission Differential, the Water system and the Wheel Bearing All these items are effected at Burning Man. The deposit for Burning Man is $300.00 and to receive a full refund you must cancel 90 days before the event.

Towing is prohibited unless approved prior to pick-up and will incur an additional cost of $12.00 per day. Pets are prohibited unless approved prior to pick-up and will incur an additional fee of $12.00 per day.

Oceans 11 RV will grant you a one hour grace period for late returns, after that, late returns will incur an additional charge of one rental day.

Coaches must always be returned to the same location it was picked up at.

Renter shall be responsible for any and all damages to the coach.

Oceans 11 RV Rental is not responsible for any lost vacation, personal or business time, nor incidental expenses incurred by the renter resulting from breakdown, extreme weather, or any other delays.

Oceans 11 RV Rental will complete any necessary repairs not caused by the renter & to return the coach to operable condition as quickly as possible.

We may use your deposit to pay any amounts owed to us under this agreement, which shall include replacement of fuel or LP gas, time and mileage, loss or damage to the vehicle, administrative or legal fees, fines, penalties, forfeitures, court costs, towing and/or storage charges, as well as any other assessed charges. Please be aware that the refund policy for our company is if you are unable to complete the reservation, you may use your deposit / fees paid up to one (1) year from the reservation date.

If the amount of your security deposit is insufficient to satisfy all amounts due, then you agree to be liable for all charges in excess, either by personal check or authorized use of credit card.

All RVs require an incidental deposit is $1,000 at the time of pickup. Incidental deposits are fully-refundable upon return.

Frivolous Credit Card Disputes

If you dispute any of the charges to your credit card and such charges are found to be valid and justified by investigation or arbitration, you agree to pay an administration fee of $500, plus any costs incurred by us in the course of defending the charges.

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